Payment Policy

To provide our customers with the best shopping experience at Gia Bao, we offer many payment methods so that you can easily choose:

1. Payment in cash

Transaction customers can pay directly in cash with Gia Bao Specialist.

2. Online Banking ePayments

When closing the transaction, you can pay via the online banking number shown in the contract. After receiving payment, Gia Bao Specialist will contact you to confirm.

3. Payment by card

Gia Bao accepts payment from many banks and card types, including Napas, Visa, MasterCard, etc (payment method will have fees depending on each bank's policy).

4. Payment in installments

Please see details here.

* Note:

- For transactions outside the Boutique, Gia Bao encourages you to choose the form of Online Banking ePayments.

- Customers can buy directly and receive goods immediately if paid in full.

- Deposit: Deposit 30% of the watch value, and pay the remaining when the goods are received.